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To my mind, there is nothing more charming and addictive than potential. The potential to change the way I see the world. The potential to destress, calm and soothe. The potential to excite and challenge. The potential for accomplishment and triumph. The human spirit thrives on potential… and I, I am addicted to it.

Whimsies are those crazy, unexpected shapes that make you laugh, make you struggle, force you to see differently and think differently while working on a jigsaw puzzle. They originated during the Victorian Era when jigsaw puzzles were hand carved out of wood pieces. The artisan would often create a piece “on a whim” and in doing so leave his signature in the puzzle. As we evolved, so too did the jigsaw puzzle. They became more complicated, more mindful, more fun and inevitably, more addictive. Now whimsies are easier to fashion with digital imaging and designing and precision laser cutting machines. With these tools each image can have a basic set of theme based whimsies while the difficulty level of the cut and number of the whimsies included can vary from the smaller puzzles to the largest. We can now indulge ourselves with more challenging puzzles than the humble hand carving could have ever accomplished. Now even an entire puzzle can be whimsical!