Puzzles with Purpose

INSPIRED by the unconditional love of a feisty Black Labrador called Padfoot, Soul Puzzles was created under the auspices of the 20-year-old Yabba Dabba Do! Centre of Creativity in Durban, South Africa. The holistic sanctuary operates in accordance with the mission statement to “live creatively, on purpose, with passion, NOW!” This is supported by consistent practice of and adherence to the spiritual laws, and the values of integrity, respect and compassion. Soul Puzzles is a registered company in South Africa and France. While each company operates independently of the other, we share a mutual intention, relationship ethos and abundance consciousness approach to business.

Paddy, the original #shivagirl, #goddog is renowned in our spiritual family as a teacher, companion, friend, master and Unicorn! With unerring wisdom and a wicked sense of humour Paddy has taken the lead into troubles and adventures making life an ongoing creative pligrimage. She was later joined by Pandora, an exceptionally sweet natured Black Labrador who continues the practice of loving kindness. While Paddy’s body died on 23 December 2015, her Higher Self continues the work of guiding… moving Yabba Dabba Do! into new arenas of expression. And even as we grieve her absence, we honour & celebrate her Spirit with the God Dog Fund, Soul Puzzles purpose and intentions. We will NEVER444GET!

Primary Objectives

Sanctuary: Our primary intention is to be an unassailable and constant source of financial stability for a Yabba Dabba Do! Canine (God Dog) Sanctuary to be developed in Kwa Zulu Natal, and gradually, other parts of South Africa. We know that animals are fully entitled to our care and protection. 90% of the company in South Africa is owned by The God Dog Fund. We are probably the only company in the world where the CEO and COO (beloved slave drivers!) are Black Labradors who work for treats!

Although we have been actively supporting local organisations committed to the rescue and care of predominantly canines for over 18 years, such activity cannot be sustained or expanded upon through donations only. The escalating desperation and depravity requires escalated and accelerated action.  It was an obvious solution to combine our passions to establish a long-term solution that connects & aligns the various aspects of Yabba Dabba Do!

Animal Rights & Awareness: Following on the rescue of canines is the desperate need to address the general lack of respect and care and LEGAL RECOURSE for animals in South Africa. Rescue organisations are consistently hampered and hindered by a constitution that does not recognise animals as sentient beings and does not provide for their protection. One does not need to watch videos of violence against animals, here in South Africa or in other supposedly forward-thinking countries around the globe, to KNOW that animals are constantly exploited. We need to transform our thinking and our laws. The justice system is an expensive and usually greedy machine that requires regular and timeous payment to keep it grinding. The God Dog Fund must earn enough to pay for the essential changes and education required.

In addition to canine rescue, the God Dog Fund supports all other animal rescue and care initiatives.

Puzzling Objectives

  • To develop a culture of puzzling as a hobby, craft, therapeutic and meditative practice in Africa;
  • To provide and promote images and designs that are aligned with SOUL qualities and are culturally appropriate to Africa, South Africa and the Indian and African diaspora;
  • To provide and promote holistic instruments of healing, including discourses and meditations channeled by Navi Pillay, primary God Dog Slave;
  • To manufacture premium quality jigsaw puzzles in a variety of mediums, sizes and formats as an employment generating industry in South Africa;
  • To present educational puzzles congruent with our respective national needs and identities;
  • To create and maintain a company policy of transformation;
  • To create professional opportunities and skills development and training where applicable;
  • To engage in abundance consciousness partnerships with all parties including the end user.
  • To have fun!

Join us as we engage in this new journey of reconnecting with the joy of being creative thinkers and doers.

Thank you for becoming part of the Soul Puzzles Family,
with love…
God Dog Granny!

Meditation tools available via Podbean and YouTube.