2022 Year of the Tiger – 222 pieces – Chinese Astrology


222 pieces; cat themed whimsy pieces; 250 x 300 mm, image printed directly to premium quality wood.

Although we are truly God Dog people, the FIRST of our Chinese Astrology puzzles celebrates the Year of the Tiger from 1st February 2022 to 21st January 2023… and in honour of the year, has 222 pieces!

Tiger people are born in 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962 (60th birthday), 1950 & 1938 et. Filled with delightful domestic and wild cat whimsies, it has a whimsy 60 to acknowledge this special birth anniversary. The vibrant image and intricate cut makes this a difficult puzzle. The primary element in 2022 is water.

Chinese Astrology is a great way to see Self from a different perspective, to tune in to the emotional body as it is influenced by the lunar cycle and to understand how various aspects of the universal intelligence become manifest within self & others.

In loving and being loved by our canine companions we are uplifted to the MORE of Self. As always, 90% of the profits of this puzzle is dedicated  to rescuing canines and providing sanctuary & peace of mind, body & spirit for older dogs who are stuck in kennels.

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At Soul Puzzles we choose to create a better world, to nourish our hearts, minds and bodies to reconnect us to each other. We choose to send LOVE into the world as a blessing to all… and to BE LIGHT!

The Tiger is the third of 12 animals in the Chinese Astrological system which operates on a 12 year Lunar cycle, unlike western Solar cycles that operate on a 12 month cycle. There are various explanations for the use of animals archetypes, but the favourite tells the story of the enlightened Buddha meeting with the animals and assigning them the responsibility of service to creation and fellow creatures. Each of the animal years recurs in a 12 year cycle, is associated with it’s own element and the element of that year. Although it moves dates on the western calendar, it is usually celebrated in the first week of February. Look for all the other animal years in the series as we grow!

Beautifully packaged in tins, these puzzles make thoughtful gifts for any occassion, travel well and  will be cherished for years to come.
Finished puzzle size: 250 x 300 mm. Tin packaging is 214 x 141 x 50 mm. Product weight is 542 grams.


Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 16.6 × 16.6 × 5 mm

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