Angelic Abundance – Madonna – 444 pieces – whimsy wood puzzle


Our intention is to create and share an Angelic Festive Season! As each of us moves closer to being, experiencing and demonstrating an abundance consciousness, so to will the world move towards peace.
Predominantly  Christian themed whimsies celebrate the grace of the Madonna.
Also available as Lourdes Vintage Travel Collage and the Annuciation from the Book of Hours.

Whimsy images are from the Lourdes Vintage Travel Collage.
Assembled puzzle size is 75 x 54 cm and is beautifully packaged in the distinctive Soul Puzzles tins.

Leadtime on all orders is 3 weeks. Puzzle design is available for bespoke orders.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


We gratefully acknowledge the Presence of constant connectivity and support. Our pilgrimage series highlights journeys of devotion, of prayer and meditation and growing awareness. Every country has sacred spaces. Every person has a place that calls to them to follow a way of bringing each Being closer to self. Puzzling as a meditative activity creates a sacred space of reconnecting with Self and the Presence always around us.

Puzzle size: 750 x 540 mm. Beautifully packaged in a FIRST EDITION gift tin and supported as always by our PawPrint Guarantee.