Angelic Abundance – Pilgrimage Series – The Annunciation – 444 pcs – whimsy wood puzzle


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Our intention is to create & share angelic abundance and support! As each of us moves closer to being, experiencing and demonstrating an abundance consciousness, the knowing that forces beyond our comprehension and tangible reality support our daily lives… so to will the world move towards peace.

Predominantly Christian themed whimsies celebrate The Annunciation from the famed Book of Hours. One of the most famous scenes depicted in art, the story of the Archangel Gabriel informing the Virgin Mary that she will birth the Son of God is a foundation of the Christian faith and the establishment of a foremost Western religion. It marks a change in the life of Mary and the origin of the Life of Christ. It also established The Virgin Mary as the Holy Mother or Our Lady as central figure in Catholicism.

The Apparitions of Our Lady are marked by Basilicas as centres of pilgrimage around the world. Most famous for the prayer of the Rosary, Our Lady is a Patron of the faithful, interceding on their behalf to heal, balance and fulfil.

Also available as Lourdes Vintage Travel Collage and the Madonna.

Whimsy images are from the Lourdes Vintage Travel Collage.
Assembled puzzle size is 75 x 54 cm and is beautifully packaged in the distinctive Soul Puzzles tins.

Leadtime on all orders is 3 weeks. Puzzle design is available for bespoke orders.

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Available to pre-order. 3 weeks leadtime.

We gratefully acknowledge the Presence of constant connectivity and support. Our pilgrimage series highlights journeys of devotion, of prayer and meditation and growing awareness. Every country has sacred spaces. Every person has a place that calls to them to follow a way of bringing each Being closer to self. Puzzling as a meditative activity creates a sacred space of reconnecting with Self and the Presence always around us.

Puzzling Benefits:
1. Cognitive Benefits: Jigsaw puzzles are proven to help improve cognitive and coordination skills, such as problem-solving, spatial reasoning, attention to detail, and memory. When working on a puzzle, individuals must analyse pieces and figure out how they fit together, enhancing their logical and analytical abilities.
2. Stress Relief: Working on a jigsaw puzzle can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can reduce stress and anxiety. It allows people to refocus into the present moment, to provide a mental environment in which the unconscious and subconscious mind can resolve problems, enhances intuitive knowledge and dissipates the noise within.
3. Improved Mood: Completing a puzzle can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which can boost mood and self-esteem. Puzzlers enjoy the feeling of completion.
4. Social Interaction: Puzzles can also be a social activity that promotes connection, communication, team work and collaboration. Working on a puzzle with friends or family members is a fun way to spend time together and strengthen relationships. Puzzles also encourage healthy competition.
5. Screen-Free Activity: Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent screen-free activity that can offer a break from technology and encourage meditation and mindfulness.
6. Inspire creativity & peace of mind: whimsical pieces bring the energy of people, places, and experiences to life. Puzzling activates positive memories and feelings moving the puzzler beyond survival into appreciation.

Puzzle size: 750 x 540 mm. Beautifully packaged in a FIRST EDITION gift tin and supported as always by our PawPrint Guarantee.