Davici Puzzles – Mad Hatters Tea Party – 350 pieces


Mad Hatters Tea Party
EAN: 4670027201979
BRAND: Davici
Material: Wood
Number of pieces: 350
Assembled size: 30 x 42 cm
Based  on the classic story Alice In Wonderland in which everything is turned upside down. A white rabbit with a clock, a caterpillar and a mushroom, a mad hatter and his bottomless tea mugs, a card queen with her subjects, and many other objects and characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Original thematic hooks.

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Produced by internationally reknowned and experienced puzzlers, the Davici range is distinctive with new and quirky images and whimsies. Beautifully packaged in their brightly coloured boxes, our limited SPECIAL IMPORTS edition of ONE OF EACH ONLY make these puzzles excellent unique gifts for discerning puzzlers!

Exclusive to Soul Puzzles. Made in Russia.

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