Davici Puzzles – Millenium Tree – 1100 pieces


Millennial Tree by Josephine Wall
EAN: 4670027201436
Brand: DaVICI
Number of Pieces: 1100
Dimensions: 53.9 x 71.2 cm
Material: Wood
“The history of mankind”, this image represents the stages of our history. You will discover a hymn to the progress of human achievements. Intricate design with puzzle within puzzle details. A beautiful Josephine Wall reproduction, it can be studied endlessly.

Extra difficult. Please note box damaged in freight. Puzzle pieces are intact.

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Produced by internationally reknowned and experienced puzzlers, the Davici range is distinctive with new and quirky images and whimsies. Beautifully packaged in their brightly coloured boxes, our limited SPECIAL IMPORTS edition of ONE OF EACH ONLY make these puzzles excellent unique gifts for discerning puzzlers!

Exclusive to Soul Puzzles. Made in Russia.