Memory of the Garden at Etten – Van Gogh – 1000 Pieces


Memory of the Garden at Etten, 1888
Intended as a decorative feature in his own bedroom, this painting was produced at Arles, to which van Gogh moved in February 1888. Here he embarked upon 15 months of frenetic painting – he produced over 200 canvases, despite or perhaps because of his depression and nervous crises. This painting recalls his native Holland and the garden of his parents’ house at Etten. The artist’s impressions of the bright sun and resonant colours of the south were combined with nostalgia for home.

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My favourite of all the Masters, Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands on March 30, 1853 and shot himself at Auvers, France on 29 July 1890. Often regarded as a tortured soul, Van Gogh was a perfectionist, his own harshest critic, discarding dozens of sketches and paintings in pursuit of his inner visions .
DID YOU KNOW… Van Gogh’s finest works were produced in less than three years in a technique that grew more and more impassioned in brush stroke, in symbolic and intense color, in surface tension, and in the movement and vibration of form and line. Van Gogh’s inimitable fusion of form and content is powerful; dramatic, lyrically rhythmic, imaginative, and emotional, for the artist was completely absorbed in the effort to explain either his struggle against madness or his comprehension of the spiritual essence of man and nature.

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