Palais des Doges, 1881- Renoir – 1000 pieces



Palais des Doges, 1881
When Renoir first visited Venice in 1881, he was drawn to one of its most famous sights: the façade of the Doge’s Palace across from the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. A popular choice with artists, Renoir joked that “there were at least six of us queuing up to paint it.” The buildings are painted with considerable accuracy, the soft pinks and creams of their sunlit walls contrasting with the rich blue of the sky and reflecting in the undulating waters of the canal.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French Impressionist painter whose eye for beauty made him one of the movement’s most popular practitioners. He is best known for his paintings of bustling Parisian modernity and leisure in the last three decades of the 19th century. DID YOU KNOW… Despite suffering from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, he maintained an incredible level of precision with his painting.
Born, 25 February, 1841 (Limoges, France); Died, 3 December, 1919.
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