Prayer for Africa – 327 Pieces Whimsical Wood


The Prayer for Africa is our pride and joy as we work at creating Peace… piece by piece. As South Africans we take pride in the beauty, diversity and ubuntu of our nation, our country, our continent. The ancient Soul of Africa inspires us to create puzzles that challenge the old beliefs and attitudes about Africa, to nurture a young democracy, to dance the song of our souls.


We celebrate the SOUL OF AFRICA, the resilient spirit  that lives at the heart of every sentient being.

  • Layers upon layers of meaning are interwoven into the 9 square quilt like image.
  • 108 shapes of Africa that fit snugly into the rivers of our beautiful continent.
  • Women of Africa whimsies with a full range of daily essentials on their heads.
  • Hands that help, heal, soothe and pray.
  • African words of prayer, invocations & values engraved
  • Information sheet.

Image printed directly to premium quality wood; Suitable as gifts for all personal and corporate occasions; Bespoke engraving or branding / logos / names & date details etc available for larger orders.

Completed puzzle size: 455 x 455 mm; Weight: 800 g.

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Our primary intention is to open a canine sanctuary, a place of peace and rest for homeless old dogs who are unlikely to ever be adopted. This same sanctuary will be able to provide foster care and healing for all canine rescues. 90% of the profit of Soul Puzzles is dedicated to the creation & maintenance of the God Dog Sanctuary. We need to sell at least 1 MILLION Prayer for Africa puzzles to manifest this vision.

We also wish to bring the Prayer for Africa into loving and healing hands all over the world… to raise our hearts & voices in support of transformation.

Join us!


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Dimensions 166 × 166 × 100 mm