Soul Star Chakra – 255 pieces – Chakra Series


255 pieces; shaped puzzle with themed whimsy pieces; 355 x 355 cm, image printed directly to premium quality wood.

Chakras are energy centres of the body that maintain our connectedness to each other & Self as Soul. Keeping them balanced and actively aligned with each other is necessary for wellness of mind, body & spirit. Designed by an internationally reknowned Soul Coach each puzzle within the Chakra Series is an active healing meditation & an educational tool about the chakras. Appropriately themed whimsies reveal various aspects & attributes while the colours, images & affirmations inspire the mind. As you work with these puzzles and our own intention of loving kindness and healing, the unconditional love and faith of our canine companions WILL flow. SO BE IT!

Not for the faint-hearted, the journey to BLISS is arduous. It requires DEVOTION, practice & patience, acceptance & non-judgement to align the primary chakras with the Soul Star chakra and LIVE YOUR LIGHT. Vibrantly alive and inspired, this star shaped puzzles has fun and invocative whimsies, intriguing cuts and corners… get calm, get centred and feel your way into bliss.

Soul Puzzles is named for this chakra. We exist to honour a sacred promise to the 2 Black Labrador God Dogs (cos God & Dog are the same unconditional Love, granny) who taught and demonstrated these primary messages to the world… I AM STILL & KNOW GOD. From this stillness we may receive & perceive the world from Love with Clarity. From this stillness I SEE GOD IN ALL BEINGS.

In loving and being loved by our canine companions we are uplifted to the MORE of Self. As always, 90% of the profits of this puzzle are dedicated  to rescuing canines and providing sanctuary & peace of mind, body & spirit for older dogs who are stuck in kennels.

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At Soul Puzzles we choose to create a better world, to nourish our hearts, minds and bodies to reconnect us to each other. We choose to send LOVE into the world as a blessing to all… and to BE LIGHT!

All the Chakra Series puzzles are associated with channeled  voice guided meditations from Navi Pillay of Yabba Dabba Do! Centre of Creativity & are available free at Podbean and on YouTube.

Beautifully packaged in tins, these puzzles make thoughtful gifts for any occassion, travel well and  will be cherished for years to come.
Finished puzzle size: 355 x 355 mm. Tin packaging is 166 x 166 x 50 mm. Product weight is 542 grams.


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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 16.6 × 16.6 × 5 mm

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