The Word – 34 XL Pieces – Inspired Medieval Illuminations Series


Soul Puzzles Whimsy Pieces - PEACE34 X Large Pieces celebrating the POWER OF THE WORD!

Communication is vital to all interactions… to communion with Self & the Divine! We all experience the power of the word to hurt & to heal, to uplift and to oppress. Words are such an integral part of our lives, spanning all cultures, religions and practices that we tend to take them for granted, forget that there are those without voices while others are simply loud and noisy with no value or meaning. The heart and Soul express themselves through words, demanding integrity and harmony. We share ourselves, learn, teach, explain, justify and create with words. And regardless of language, race, culture and creed, all words take us back to Source, back to the universal intelligence that inspires and maintains all creation.

Here at Soul Puzzles, we choose to use words to create balance, harmony and PEACE, piece by piece. As always, 90% of the profits of this puzzle is dedicated  to rescuing canines and providing sanctuary, peace, for older dogs who are stuck in kennels.

14 in stock (can be backordered)


The past two years have been extremely taxing on the human spirit… and we rejoice that the time of healing is here! At Soul Puzzles we choose to create a better world, to nourish our hearts, minds and bodies to reconnect us to each other. We choose to send LOVE into the world as a blessing to all… and to BE LIGHT!

The Inspired Medieval Illuminations Series with original artwork by Tania Crossingham acknowledges the Light that lives within us all. These beautiful images remind us of our connection to the Divine, rejuvenate the Spirit and reassure the mind. They are designed specifically as excellent destressing instuments of play, tools of meditation and mindfulness, AND for mental & emotional healing. The extra LARGE PIECES are suitable for all ages from small hands learning coordination to old eyes strained by time. The smaller number of pieces is manageable for all states of body and mind. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a recuperative tool.

Beautifully packaged in tins, these puzzles make thoughtful gifts for any occassion, travel well and  will be cherished for years to come.
Finished puzzle size: 250 x 350 mm. Tin packaging is 214 x 141 x 50 mm. Product weight is 486 grams.

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