Van Gogh’s Sunflowers 500-Pieces


Frances Broomfield:

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

English artist Frances Broomfield is attracted to the eccentric in her art, creating paintings focused on animals, ancient landscapes, fables, myths, and children’s stories. Her early work dealt with memories and dreams, and her paintings are often tinged with mystery and humor. Broomfield’s formal portraits of gardeners in their well-tended surroundings, the tools of their trade worn as regalia, portray her distinguished sense of whimsy.
Here she pays tribute to Van Gogh, who is take a dreamy nap in a sunflower.

• Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle
• Gather with family and friends for puzzle-piecing together!
• Our luxury puzzles are crafted with attention to every detail
• High-quality 250-GSM matte art paper for superior color, crisp details, and no glare
• Ribbon-cut thick board for snug fit and minimal dust
• Produced using thick recycled paper board
• Exclusive selection of art from museums and artists around the world

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